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Something More Than This


Howard J. Pastorella was one of 7 children raised in a small east Texas refining community.  He starting drinking at the age of 13 and continued that disastrous behavior throughout high school.

After graduation, he enlisted in the Marine Corps.  He was trained as an Infantry Machine Gunner and saw combat action is the Republic of South Vietnam.  He was wounded in action during engagements with the enemy during his tour.  He introduced himself to the use of drugs and included that behavior with a continued use of alcohol.

Returning to civilian life he was easily employed but continued to be a functional user of both alcohol and other drugs.  He soon ran out of incentives for finding relief from the anxieties and anger that were deeply embedded in his life.  Finally, due to the compassion of a friend, he was introduced to the Answer that was missing in his life.

Howard is now the Director of the Spirit of Freedom Ministries and an Ordained Minister with the United Pentecostal Churches, International and has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration (as a Finance Major).  He is thankful for the opportunity to tell others about their potentially exciting futures due to the Abundant Life available in Jesus Christ.  If you know someone that sounds like Howard, be another compassionate friend and share his story on this CD with them.


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