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Raised from the Ruins


Fred Hyde, one of 11 children born in Oklahoma, came from a singing family, "The Happy Hydes". Learning at an early age to play the guitar, he played and sang at schools, amateur contests and, later in life, on radio, T.V., and in nightclubs. It was during the latter that he reached the depths of alcoholism.

Then one night in New Orleans, a miracle happened in Fred's life. You can hear about this miracle in the moving, heartwarming story, "Raised From The Ruins", on this CD.

Multitudes have been set free from alcohol and other drugs after listening to the story of Fred's life...his dark hours without Christ... who he hurt the most... and then the MIRACLE!

Fred has dedicated his life to telling others about the saving grace of Jesus Christ and over the years has established the Spirit of Freedom Ministries®, a Ministry in family alcoholism and drugs.

You will want to share this beautiful story with a friend or someone you love who might have an alcohol, cigarette or drug problem.



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