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The Spirit of Freedom Ministries® is a nonprofit Christian Organization and is an endorsed subsidiary Ministry of the United Pentecostal Church International and the Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The Spirit of Freedom Ministries has based its existence on (1) our commitment to the cause of Jesus Christ, our number one priority, (2) our commitment to working with individuals, churches, schools, businesses, judicial and corrections officials in an effort to help the chemically dependent find FREEDOM, NEW HOPE, NEW DIRECTION and a NEW IDENTITY through Jesus Christ.  Any correspondence from our website visitors is always welcome, prayed over and confidential.

The Chemically Dependent did not become that way by themselves.  They had help from manufacturers, distributors, advertisers and peers.  The Church and Communities must engage in the process of helping these individuals and families regain sobriety, productive lives and supportive family membership.   Your prayers and financial support for the Spirit of Freedom Ministries® are greatly needed to help us in “Bringing Families Together Who Are Worlds Apart”.  As a result of the burdened commitment of Churches and individuals across North America, like you, we are able to offer information and products to anyone with an alcohol or other drug problem in their life at absolutely no charge to them at any time!  Your financial support also helps us visit Churches across North America and conduct Special Services designed specifically for the Chemically Dependent and their Deliverance.

You can be a part in helping us reach millions of families across North America and around the world that are experiencing alcohol and other drug problems in their lives.  For a donation of only $10.00 (U.S. Funds) or more each month you will provide us with the means to provide proven information, products and services that will assist in the successful restoration of the lives of millions of men, women, teens, adolescents and toddlers.

All supporters receive a beautiful Certificate (suitable for framing) acknowledging their support in Saving Lives, Families, Neighborhoods and Communities and Winning Souls for Jesus Christ.

Each of our monthly Supporters receives our FREEDOMLINE® publication every other month as a special “thank you” for their financial investment in Saving Lives and Winning Souls for Jesus Christ.  This informative publication will keep you up to date as to the successful progress of this much needed outreach.