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About SOFM


The Spirit of Freedom Ministries® is a 501(c)(3), nonprofit Christian organization established in 1978 and headquartered in Metairie, Louisiana. The Spirit of Freedom Ministries® is dedicated to reaching the chemically dependent and their families with the answer to their alcohol or drug related problems. SOFM offers information, products and toll-free phone lines to assist men, women and children across North America who desire help.

When a person calls the “Freedomline” (1-800-535-6011) they will receive the CDs, “Raised From The Ruins©“ and “Something More Than This”. These recorded CDs tell a portion of the life stories of Fred Hyde (Founder of the Spirit of Freedom Ministries®) and Howard Pastorella (Director of the Spirit of Freedom Ministries). Multitudes have been set free from alcohol and other drugs after listening to the story of Fred’s life… his dark hours . . . who he hurt the most . . . and then the miracle that changed his life forever.  Howard’s CD tells of his struggle to overcome the anger, anxieties and substance use that had him headed for physical and emotional disaster and the miracle that turned his life around!

The Spirit of Freedom Ministries works in cooperation with Pastors and Churches across North America, to provide direct pastoral counseling to the chemically dependent through our toll-free number and through the CHRISTIAN INTERVENTION PROGRAM® (CIP) and other effective resources.

You can get additional information about the Spirit of Freedom Ministries®, or the CHRISTIAN INTERVENTION PROGRAM® in your area via e-mail.