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From The Director

Dearest Partner in Miracles,

            I am excited because there is so much going on in our Deliverance and Recovery Ministry.  Our Families and Fellowship are completely surrounded by Miracles.  We just need to pray and ask the Lord where they are and be sure to get there to minister to them. 

            Chapters 4 and 5 of the Gospel of Mark are two of my favorite Bible accounts of the activities of Jesus.  The first 32 verses of Mark 4 records the teachings and doctrine of Jesus to a great multitude and then alone to his disciples.  Verse 35 tells us that Jesus told his Apostles, “Let us pass over to the other side.” 

            Jesus left the multitudes on one side of the Sea of Galilee and sailed to the east side of that body of water to deliver one desperate soul who had been inhabited by a Legion of devils. Mark 5:5 tells us that this man was “always, night and day, in the mountains, and in the tombs, crying, and cutting himself with stones”. 

            Legion and his pals had stripped this poor man of his family and friends, his home, his vocation, his health, his peace and even replaced his family name with that of “Legion”.  What a wonderful Savior we have who hears the cry of one soul!  I firmly believe that when a Pastor schedules a SOFM service for us to come and minister, it is because there is at least one individual within reach of that local congregation who is currently crying out to God for their own miraculous deliverance.  Then God partners SOFM and that local Church to reach out, locate and love that individual into the Kingdom of God and His Abundant Life. 

            Your contributions gives us with means to contact Pastors, schedule services, travel to their specific locations and minister to the Chemically Dependent and also to the Congregation regarding the opportunity for those they already know to leave the darkness of the world of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs and be brought into the marvelous light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Without your generous contributions we could not have the means to provide information, products and services to these Pastors and Congregations for reaching farther into the ready Harvest God has called them. 

            Thank you so much to joining us with your burden to help us reach these suffering families with the only solution for Eternal Deliverance – Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!       

                                                            Howard J. Pastorella, Director