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This is the Spirit of Freedom Ministries’ first substance use prevention resource.  Why the need for this resource?  The three leading causes of death for adolescents ages 12-17 are unintentional injury, homicide and suicide.  Research suggests that substance use is a key contributing factor to each of these leading causes among teens.

This Bible Study was a joint effort by the Spirit of Freedom Ministries, the General Youth Division and Terrific Christian Leaders such as Aaron Soto, Nate Rios, L.J. Harry.  These leaders plus the Director of the Spirit of Freedom Ministries represented approximately 84 years of Youth Ministry related experience.  It was an exciting privilege to partner with these entities, individuals and their staffs to produce a much needed resource that should be read, shared and taught by every Youth Pastor and/or Parent of a Teenager in this generation!  After the Completion of all eight lessons, the Student will sign a contract with their teacher promising they will never use these devastating substances and each of these Students will receive the gold-colored medallion stating they are now one of “God’s New Breed of Champions!”  We do not have to “look up” to see this ready harvest, we simply need to look down the halls of our homes, schools and churches.  You can find this resource in our Website Store.